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Arsenal Park

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This park is situated on a 13.7 acre area located in an urban setting. Arsenal Park offers many amenities for leisure and sports activities.  For a small fee, picnic tables, barbecue grills, softball and playing fields are available for group outings and celebrations. Simply request a permit from the Recreation Department. This facility is also home to the Watertown High School Cross Country team.


  • Amphitheater
  • Basketball Courts (2)
  • Bocce Ball Court
  • Charcoal Grills (10)
  • Community Garden
  • Cross-Country Running Course
  • Picnic Tables (19)
  • Playground
  • Restrooms
  • Skate Park
  • Soccer Field
  • Softball Field
  • Tennis Bang Board
  • Tennis Courts (6)
  • Volleyball Court
  • Walk/Bike Path
  • Water Sprinkler

Check Availability of Fields & Picnic Facilities

Please check for the availability of picnic tables and fields prior to completing your application.
  1. Visit our recreation reservation website
  2. Click on the facility
  3. Click on the picnic table or field
  4. Click on the gray box for available activity
  5. Scroll to the month and day. A Green Check indicates Available and a Red Cross indicates Unavailable.

Complete Permit Applications

Download the permit application from the "document center" (top right of screen) and fill it out completely. Applications may be sent by email to our offices or by fax to 617-926-6129. Permits are reviewed on a first come first served basis. If your permit is approved, you will receive an email with an invoice and the permit. We cannot check the availability of a permit over the phone or on the same day. Permit requests must be made well in advance to allow for adequate processing time.