Music Instrument Lessons

Music Instrument Lessons flyer  - last year flyer 

Who: Grades K – 12 (Watertown Residents Only)

When: TBD 

Fall: TBD 

Session 1 TBD 

Winter: TBD 

Session 2 TBD 

Spring: TBD 

Session 3 TBD 

Where: Watertown Middle School – Music Rooms and Class Rooms as assigned

Tuition: 30 minute class: $25.00 per class x 10 classes = $250.00 per session

              45 minute class: $37.50 per class x 10 classes = $375.00 per session

              60 minute class: $50.00 per class x 10 classes = $500.00 per session

Extra classes can be available at the end of each session to maintain continuity of program at an additional cost.

*See attached list of instruments offered and instructors.

Register Online:  Go to the above menu and select "Online Registration"

Description: Students work with instructors who are also professional musicians in the Greater Boston area, perform regularly on their instruments, and have many years of experience teaching children of all ages. This is a tuition based program and is highly recommended for students participating in school instrumental ensembles. Private lessons allow the instructor to focus on the individual needs of each student enabling the student to progress faster and perform in their school ensembles with a high degree of ability, confidence, and enjoyment. One-on-one instruction can help motivate students who are having some difficulties progressing on their instrument and provide challenge to more advanced student musicians.

Students who currently play an instrument during the school day are strongly encouraged to enroll in private instrumental music lessons either through this program or elsewhere. Parents, working with the instructor, determine the length of lessons that best suits the musical needs of the child. Parents must contact the teacher in advance of registration to determine an appropriate lesson length and schedule.