Capital Projects

Most of the Capital Projects relating to the improvement of our outdoor recreational facilities have been sponsored by the Recreation Department.Our objective is to have state of the art, aesthetically  pleasing, functional and safe recreational facilities that meet the needs of our residents.

Please select the link below that summarizes all of the Capital Projects in the mix, other more specific documents are located in the "Document Center"

Recreation Budget Presentation - May 17, 2018

Capital Improvement Plan FY20 to FY24

Filippello Entryway Renovation: This project has enhanced the entry way of Filippello Park (Grove) entrance.  Amenities include an open natural grass surface, new plantings, walkways, picnic tables, solar lighting, additional parking units, dog park and hard court surface featuring a basketball, futsal and pickle ball court.

Filippello Field Lighting: The project will include a new field lighting system at the Filippello (Grove) and Filippello (Arlington Fields). Two public meetings have been held and another one will be scheduled in the near future. A Fall 2019 opening is planned.

Victory Field Complex (Track, Field and Court Renovation): The AD Hoc Committee made a recommendation which was approved by the Town Council. A 25% design plan is in the works.

Arsenal Park: The Conservation Commission which has the care of custody of Arsenal park has approved the 25% design plan and this plan will be presented to the Town Council for approval.

Casey Park: A 25% design plan has been created after two public meetings were held, one of which was a sight visit.  Amenities will include a new lighting system, scoreboard, dugouts, storage units, backstop and other safety fencing.  A small building will be placed adjacent the Casey Hockey Rink which will include bathrooms, storage area other related items.

Moxley Park: A 25% design plan has been created at three public meetings were held, one of which was a sight visit. Amenities will include baseball related items such as a backstop, dugouts, storage, batting tunnel, bullpen, and protective netting on the first base side. The hard court  will include a multi-court  rink, basketball court and tennis court and will include new lighting.

Saltonstall Park: The playground with receive a new rubberized surface in the calendar year 2019 and the field / court will receive a new lighting system on a different time schedule,